5 Ways To Balance Your Mother Load

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“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”  –Ricki Lake

Truth. Motherhood is all encompassing: the emotions, the beauty, and ultimately, the load.


A heavy or bulky thing that is being carried; a weight or source of pressure borne by someone.

Mother lode

A rich source of something; a supply of something you can use; a major or profitable source or supply. 

Well, that sounds about right, doesn’t it? Consider the amount and types of things a Mom does over the course of any span of time–it’s undoubtedly amazing. Our responsibilities are endless, the emotions raw and constant, and the rewards are incomparable. The emotion of Motherhood is something I didn’t fully grasp until I had children of my own.

Sweet dreams, baby.

I remember when my first child was a cute– but sleepless– newborn. In my beyond-rational, sleep-deprived state, I was desperate for her Just. To. Sleep. I became obsessed with sleep: how to make it happen and how much I wasn’t getting. But when I received that ever-rewarding sleep-filled night? I stared at her baby monitor and missed her. I mean, naturally. This is but a small instance of the push and pull, up and down, emotional roller coaster that is motherhood.

Not just a Mom.

Moms will quickly attest to the deep, deep love that we have for our children. While our hearts desire to give our children everything, our minds know the significance of instilling values and morals. All of this is topped off with the beyond-our-control circumstances that make life, life.

A Mother is not “just a Mom”. Rather we are a teacher, nurse, advocate, chef, counsellor–the list goes on. Our resume reflects that of an (unpaid) superhero, while our to-do list is never-ending. From swapping out seasonal clothes (surely, this is a full-time job?) to ensuring backpacks are emptied and appointments are scheduled. All in addition to the feeding, bathing, playing, and caregiving that is everyday life. The load is overwhelming! Our partners, our tribe, and our community help us bear the load, but it’s true what they say– a mother’s work is never-ending.

So how can we manage, day-in and day-out, emotions high and to-do lists towering?

5 simple ways to balance the load

  1. Stop comparisons with social media highlight reels.
  2. Make time for yourself–even 15 minutes a day.
  3. Celebrate your wins. Does everyone have their shoes on? Win!
  4. Let (sh)it go. Mom guilt included.
  5. Sometimes, less is more. More here on how to simplify, choose and focus.

Going back to the definition of mother lode, Moms do a helluva job as the rich source of something. So let’s hear it, how are you balancing the Mother load?

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