A lot of you have been asking how you can move your teaching online...

...so we created this workshop to teach you everything we've learned from years of teaching online


-> Your offerings are important!
-> Your voice is needed!
-> Your ability to hold space is vital right now!


And lucky for you... all of this can be done online.

Join us to learn everything you need to teach yoga online!

We'll be covering:

✔️How to price online teaching

✔️Online teaching tips

✔️The technology you'll need to know about

✔️Step by step process to get started


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This is the perfect [FREE] training for you if: 

✔️ Moving your business online seems overwhelming

✔️There are too many opinions out there and you don't know what's "right"

✔️You're worried about your teaching business and know you need to adapt

✔️ You want to offer something authentic that can make a positive impact on your students in this time of need

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