Prenatal and postnatal yoga is a booming business.

85% of women will have a baby at some point in their life and they need more amazing yoga teachers to work with them!

In this free live training, you will learn: 

✔️ How teaching pre and postnatal yoga can help you earn more income

✔️ The statistics of the growing prenatal and mom and baby yoga industry (hint: it’s looking reaaaaallly good)

✔️What you need to consider before training in pre or postnatal yoga

✔️ What a Prenatal class really looks like and what a Mom & Baby class really looks like (observe recorded classes pre and postnatal classes taught by MOGA co-founder, Hannah Day)



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1. A Yoga Class Planning Template


2. One of our Ready-to-Teach Signature Mom & Baby Yoga Sequences

3. One of our Ready-to-Teach Signature Prenatal Yoga Sequences




This is the perfect [FREE] training for you if:


✔️ You've ever thought about teaching prenatal yoga

✔️ You've ever thought about teaching mom and baby yoga

✔️ You are looking for a way to stand out in your community

✔️ You'd like to see what a prenatal yoga class looks like in really life


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