Prenatal Yoga

A powerful tool to help prepare your body for the hardest marathon it will ever complete.

  • Strengthen your pelvic muscles
  • Ease back and hip pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Feel emotionally balanced and ready for labor

In this practice you will connect with your baby in the womb as you move through sequences that follow the natural rhythms of birth.


Everyday Prenatal Yoga Online with Hannah


Hannah Day is our co-founder and this Prenatal Yoga series is her most popular. We were lucky to film her at 29 weeks pregnant, so you can practice with her, as she is on the same journey as you! These three, 20 minute classes are suitable for all trimesters  and all levels of yoga (including beginners). They are the perfect length, so you can move everyday and improve your night’s sleep. Hannah’s goal is to help you feel empowered, and release any worries or fears throughout your pregnancy. Feel connected to your baby, and powerful, as you prepare for this life changing event.



Powerful Prenatal Yoga Online with Audrey

Audrey Gentile is an experienced Prenatal Yoga Instructor out of Toronto, Canada. Audrey’s Prenatal Yoga series is unique to MOGA Online. Her classes are uniquely designed to help you feel powerful in each trimester. She skillfully prepares for your body for the marathon of birth. With intention setting, breathing, beautiful hip openers, and mama mantras in each class – this is one tool you’ll want in your birthing toolbox! Plus, you get a sequence for after baby arrives (the 4th trimester).



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