Hannah Day

Hannah offers that perfect combo of fitness, mind-body-babe connection, and empowerment, for a healthy peaceful labour and transition into motherhood. This is done through intention, conscious breath, sounds, songs and movements (that baby’s love) that help mamas feel strong and present with babe. Hannah offers years of experience teaching pre/postnatal yoga, weaving in tips of wisdom so you can feel confident, let anxiety go, and fill up your mama cup! This includes healing and strengthening your core safely. Hannah’s classes are accessible to all mamas prenatally and for moms with newborn babes to pre-crawlers.
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Audrey Gentile

Audrey is a yoga lover, mindful eater, avid entrepreneur, wife and mama to Clarice & Norma the bulldog. Her teaching is infused with energy and authenticity. Her focus is on empowering mamas to connect with their own wisdom and strength. Skillfully arranging yoga postures to ease the journey from the physical to the subtle body, her emphasis is on what the practice feels like and what it evokes.

Audrey’s love for yoga is matched by her passion for slow and ethical food. Ultimately, feeding the body and soul in a true holistic sense and as a way to celebrate life.

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