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Mom life is hard. Let us help you on your journey with our MOGA™ Prenatal Yoga and MOGA™ Mom & Baby Yoga classes.

  • Our yoga videos are easy to follow and filmed with REAL babies.
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Yours in motherhood,
Amy, Hannah & Julie MOGA™ Founders

Everyday MOGA™ Prenatal Yoga with Hannah

Hannah Day a MOGA™ co-founder and this Prenatal Yoga series is her most popular. We were lucky to film her at 29 weeks pregnant, so you can practice with her, as she is on the same journey as you! These three, 20 minute classes are suitable for all trimesters  and all levels of yoga (including beginners).


Powerful Prenatal Yoga with Audrey

Audrey Gentile is an expert Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Her Prenatal Yoga series is exclusive to MOGA™ . Her classes are uniquely designed to help you feel powerful in each trimester. With intention setting, breathing, beautiful hip openers, and mama mantras in each class – this is one tool you’ll want in your birthing toolbox! Plus, you get a sequence for after baby arrives (the 4th trimester).


MOGA™ Mom & Baby Yoga

Engage with and incorporate baby in poses while rebuilding your core and pelvic floor, to help you feel strong and confident in your new role. Mom gets a workout without sacrificing quality time with her little one.



Mom Corner

Join our private facebook group for all things motherhood. MOGA™ is the village that helps raise mothers, globally. We uplift and support each other as we embark on our unique journeys of motherhood.

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