Online Prenatal Yoga with Audrey Gentile

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When we decided to launch MOGA’s online prenatal yoga, I knew the first teacher who I would film: Audrey Gentile. Audrey is one of my favourite teachers from Toronto. She’s warm, kind, inspiring and her yoga classes are always changing. We did our first prenatal yoga teacher training together years ago with Blooma. We’ve been friends ever since. When she agreed to be part of MOGA online with prenatal yoga, I was thrilled!

A Little About Audrey

Audrey, now a mother herself, continues to evolve as a world-class yoga instructor. She understands the ins and outs of motherhood. The intensity, the exhaustion, the overwhelming sensations of love and worry – the daily rollercoaster of being a mama. Her online prenatal classes will build strength, endurance, flexibility. They will leave you feeling empowered.

A Gift For Yourself

Her first online yoga series with us, Prenatal Yoga for the 4 Trimesters, is an amazing tool. You can gift this to yourself for your upcoming birth, or give it to a friend! Don’t worry if you’re in your third trimester and have only just discovered it. It’s an amazing series and you’ll love the classes. You can even return to it once baby is here. It embodies everything MOGA is about. We want you to feel connected with your body and baby. We want you to feel strong, calm and powerful as you prepare your body for the challenging marathon of giving birth!

Keep Your ‘Mama Cup’ Filled

Remember, the fourth trimester is an intense time that isn’t always talked about. Your baby needs you 24/7 and you need something to fill up your ‘mama cup’, so you can be present for your baby. Achieve this with MOGA’s online prenatal yoga.

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