Mothers are Something Else

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Anyone who has met me more than once has probably heard me say my signature one liner; “Mothers are my jam”. Don’t get me wrong –  I love babies, kids are hilarious and Dad’s are amazing.  But, mothers, now Mothers are something else.  Mothers have a certain type of fire that I find awe inspiring and magnetic.  

Now if one hasn’t experienced motherhood the way I have or been surrounded by mothers, like I have, they might not get that.  So let me tell you all a thing or two about mothers…   

In pregnancy, mothers face down the unknown.  They tow the line between worlds.  They thrive despite the mountain of responsibility and fear that would swallow a mere mortal.  In pregnancy, mothers just keep on growing the next generation of humanity, as if nothing at all is happening.  

In birth, mothers climb to the top of Mount Everest and keep on going.  They turn inward and find a well of strength they didn’t know existed.  They leave their bodies and return with more love and a new life in tow.  Their display of pure power is awing and sometimes terrifying to those not in the know.  In birth, mothers are tried and tested and made undone, only to come back together stronger than ever before.  

In postpartum, mothers strong bodies unravel, their emotions spill over, their lives turn blurry and yet, they persist.  They radiate with love despite the exhaustion in their eyes.  They feed, nurture, change, rock and love simultaneously fiercely and vulnerably.  They are resilient and powerful.  They are somebody’s entire universe.  

For the rest of their lives, mothers hold hands, hearts and snacks.  They wipe countless tears, bums and messy hands.  Their warm touch can instantly calm.  They juggle more tasks than a Fortune 500 CEO while putting out fires and building strong spirits.  They face challenges unseen and unappreciated by most.  But they just keep going.  They become a mother to everyone, not just their own children, because they come to know that everyone is someone’s child.  Their well of empathy is full.  For the rest of their lives, mothers are a force of nature, driving the world forward.

So when I say that “Mothers are my jam”, know that I’m saying it with every ounce of me.  How could I not with everything I witness in mothers and by mothers?  They are magnetic and don’t even know it.  And therein lies what I believe my mission to be; help mothers see their own unimaginable power and their deservedness of care; Carve out space in this world for mothers to be acknowledged, cared for and worshiped the way they deserve, by others and by themselves.  Because, they really are something else, aren’t they? 


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