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Mom Corner by MOGA is a 6-week educational program bringing moms and industry experts together in one space. It is our way of giving back to the community that loves us so much. With each Mom Corner session, 70% goes to support a local mama facilitator and 30% of the gross revenue goes directly to our favourite charity Mamas for Mamas. What's in it for MOGA? We dream of creating the largest, non-judgemental and inclusive, mom community in the world. 

Mom Corner topics include fun things like: Baby Sleep, Baby Nutrition, Pelvic Floor Health, Mom and Baby Photography, Essential Oils for Mom & Baby, Car Seat Safety, and any other locally based mom topics you suggest! Of course, you will get to experience MOGA Mom and Baby yoga online.  

The investment is $80 for the 6-week program, with 30% going directly back to registered charity Mamas for Mamas.

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Mom Corner Facilitator

Would you like to be a mom corner facilitator in your community? The best part - there is no investment for you, other than your time. We provide you with everything you need to get going. The time commitment with the program is sourcing 6 speakers (can be used each time after you find them!), the space (most will host for free!) and one hour per week with the group. You earn 70% of the revenue, and the other 30% goes directly to charity. This would be your own business, and you will thrive if you have an entrepreneurial mentality. The sky is the limit! 

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