Mom-Cation; Filling My Own Cup

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I think all parents lose themselves and find themselves repeatedly throughout the years of putting 99% of their energy and thoughts into everyone else.

I’ve been parenting for less than 5 years; at first parenting my step son and later parenting his now 3-year-old brother and one-year-old sister. In those quick 5 years I’ve already forgotten about who I am, what makes me happy, what I need to feel like me more times than I can count. Almost always, the cure for me is alone time.

It’s usually pretty obvious when I’ve gotten to that place again. I feel drained and overwhelmed. My time with my husband and children feels less like family time and more like a chore. I start to feel those first niggles of resentment. That’s when my inner girlfriend pipes up like… “whooooa, guuuuuurl, you need some alone time.”

And so, a mom-cation is in order. A couple months back my husband and I had this idea: what if we each took one night, once a month, to ourselves? Rent a hotel room, order food and soak in some alone time AND QUIET. Remember what it’s like to have a whole 24 hours without anyone talking to you? No, I didn’t either.

Time to Recharge

That first time, I packed a bag, kissed everyone goodbye and got the heck out of dodge. To the very far, far destination of the hotel 5 minutes from our house. I’m sure the hotel desk clerk did a double take when I gave her my address at check in.

I swaggered my way up to my room, popped that door open, promptly took off my bra, poured a glass of wine and hopped in bed. I ordered food from Skip the Dishes (my personal lifesavers) and stayed in my room, all by my sweet sweet lonesome. And for the next 24 hours, I did nothing but eat, drink and relax.

Now, for some of you, I know this is not your idea of a good time. Fair. Maybe, you don’t need alone time and quiet to recharge. Maybe you need a roaring night out. Maybe you need a family vacation. Maybe you’re the energizer bunny and never need to recharge. BUT if you’re like me, and if you do, seriously consider a mom-cation. You freaking deserve it and if you’re like me, your whole family will be better for it. Because when I got back home that next day, boy, did I enjoy family time again. I loved up on them and was able to better fill their cups, now that my own had been given some filling. I handle the ups and downs (and full blown meltdowns) way better when I know that my time is coming.

So, now when I’m starting to check out and get fed up, I know immediately what to do and I can be there in 5 minutes or less.

Have you considered taking a mom cation? Make it happen, trust me, you won’t regret it. Mom-cations for the win.

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