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Moms everywhere are looking for you.. Are you ready for them? 

Join today and build a sustainable career while helping moms connect with their babies and themselves.

After completing your courses, you will be prepared to add a whole new set of classes to your yoga practice.

Classes that will challenge you to become a better yoga instructor as you help empower other women during a critical time in their lives. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you started in pre and postnatal yoga. You WILL NOT regret it.

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And more...

✔️ Comprehensive curriculum to teach you everything you need to know to safely teach this demographic
✔️ License to use MOGA® Moms name and branding 
✔️ Four ready to teach Pre & Postnatal sequences 
✔️ Easy to follow guide of all MOGA® approved Pre & Postnatal yoga poses 
✔️ 52 fun and engaging questions to open your MOGA® class 
✔️ MOGA® Instructor badge for your website and social media 
✔️Easy to follow Marketing Guide
✔️ Social Media & MOGA® Policy Manual
✔️ How to Price Guide 
✔️ On going support & community

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Mom and Baby Yoga Curriculum:

✔️ How to Integrate Baby in Mom and Baby Yoga 

✔️ Understanding the Changes after Baby: Pelvic Floor, Diastasis Recti & More

✔️ Creating the Complete Mom and Baby Yoga Experience

✔️ Sequencing, Class Set-Up, Props & More

✔️ Transitions and Poses to Avoid with Baby

✔️ How to Safely Strengthen the Core From the Inside Out

✔️Observation of a Mom & Baby Yoga Class

✔️ Doula Wisdom - Understanding the Postpartum Period

✔️ Practice Class and feedback

Prenatal Yoga Curriculum:

✔️ Yoga Posture Safety and Modifications for Pregnancy  

✔️ The Benefits of Yoga for a Pregnant Student

✔️ Common Aches and Pains During Pregnancy and How Prenatal Yoga can Help
✔️Understanding Pregnancy –The 4 Trimesters & Hormones 

✔️ Pregnancy & The Stages of Labour with Registered Midwife 

✔️ Prenatal Anatomy: Pelvic Floor, Core, Diaphragm & More with a Physiotherapist

✔️ All about The Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor Relationship

✔️ How The Breath is Our Greatest Tool for Birth & Beyond
✔️ Spinal Anatomy, the Pelvis and Posture with Dr Amanda Stevens, DC

✔️ Stability and Motor Control during Pregnancy with Dr Amanda Stevens, DC 

✔️ Creating the Complete Prenatal Yoga Experience 

✔️ Sequencing, Class Planning, Intention Setting, Props, Class Set-Up & More

✔️ Understanding Fetal Growth: 0 – 40 weeks 

✔️ Student Questions, Testimonials & Feedback 

✔️ Common Myths of Pregnancy 

✔️ Live Prenatal Yoga Class with Hannah Day, MOGA® Co-Founder 

✔️ Resources

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“Teaching MOGA® Prenatal Yoga has been more rewarding than I ever anticipated. Thank you MOGA® for the knowledge and the confidence to empower mamas in our community!”

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“MOGA® Mom and Baby Yoga sells itself. I don’t even promote it because it feels up automatically.”

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 “I just filled my first and second MOGA® Prenatal Yoga series without any serious marketing, just using the flyers and social media posts MOGA® provided me with from the training. Each class is bringing in $135 dollars - after my studio share - more than I’ve ever made per class.”

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With MOGA® Instructors earning over $100 per class, you can earn your money back in no time!

Online Mom & Baby Yoga Instructor Program

Regularly $699 (40% off = $419.40)

  • Mom & Baby Instructor Training

  • Sequences

  • Business Tools

  • License to Teach MOGA® Mom & Baby


Online Prenatal Yoga Instructor Program

Regularly $999 (40% off = $599.40)

  • Prenatal Instructor Training

  • Sequences

  • Business Tools

  • License to Teach MOGA® Prenatal


BOTH Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga Instructor Programs

Regularly $1350 (40% off = $810)


  • BOTH Instructor Trainings

  • Sequences

  • Business Tools

  • License to Teach Both