Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Ones

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Halloween is just around the corner, and a major highlight, is to dress us your little ones in sweet costumes! Our priority is to keep them warm, and on a budget. So here are some ideas, without breaking the bank!

Babywearing Costumes

Newborns +

A great way to go to Halloween get togethers or trick-or-treating with a teeny, tiny newborn, is to WEAR them. Especially great for nap times, or the evening, and baby stays warm and cozy on you.

Our favourite is this mama (a MOGA mom – see first photo below), who made this costume herself. You wear all black and a scuba diving mask and snorkel, and voila – your costume is done! Then she cut out tentacles out of fabric, sewed some squid eyeballs, and pinned them to her carrier. How creative, and not expensive to make.

For more Babywearing Costume ideas visit Carry Me Away, like this creative Mother of Dragons costume from Games of Thrones.

Skunk Costume

Newborns +

(See the 2nd photo below) You need a black hoodie, black warm pants and black wool booties, socks or boots (keep those feet warm). For the distinctive tail, stuff a black sock, adding in a piece of craft wire to help it hold its shape. Using a glue gun, stick the tail to the back of a black hoodie (use a hand-me-down or inexpensive one). Then hot glue thin white boas from the top of the hoodie, down the back and over and under the tail. Cut two ears out of black stiffened felt and glue onto the hood of the sweater. For the tummy, cut an oval out of white felt. Glue one half to one side of the zipper and use Velcro to attach the other side (so you can still access the zipper). To make this bat become Batman – print out (or cut out a Batman symbol in yellow felt) and use facepaint for the mask. (Source Today’s Parent)

Vampire Bat Costume / Batman

Ages 2.5–6

(See 3rd photo below) Your base is warm fleece black pants (or sweatpants), a black fleece sweater, and black winter / rain boots (because it is almost always cold, rainy or damp on Halloween) Remove the fabric from a black umbrella (someone in your life has one lying around that doesn’t work well anymore). Snip the threads, take out the meal pieces and then cut around the centre tube. Cut this fabric in half. Then fold each piece in half again, taping the fold along the arm of a black fleece using black duct tape (peels of easily). For the ears, cut two triangles out of stiffened felt and hot flue them to a black hair band. (Today’s Parent)

Tooth Fairy Costume

Ages 3+

(4th photo below) If you don’t have a tutu, you can just tie long strips of tulle around a length of fabric elastic that you can tie around your fairy’s waist. For the toothbrush, cut a long narrow strip out of one end of a pool noodle, large enough to slip a dustpan brush into. For added stability, slide a broomstick into the centre hole, and then slide the brush in. To make the tiara, hot glue toothbrushes upright onto a hair band; reinforce by gluing a piece of stiffened felt to the back. Add wings, and your fairy is ready to shine. For 50 more costume ideas from Today’s Parent – click here.)

Online Shopping

If you are organized and order your costumes online, you can get them on time and probably sell them again on a shop and swap Facebook page for moms. Party City has great Infant & Baby Halloween Costumes. How cute is this Baby Max Costume – Where the Wild Things Are!

Pinterest is also a must visit before Halloween – maybe you can find a costume theme for the whole family??

Finally, if you are like me, and remember Halloween at the last moment, you can get costumes at Costco (when you are doing a shop for groceries).

Happy Halloween costume creating!

xx Hannah

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