Find Your Mama Tribe And Love Them Hard

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Welcome to the MOGA blog! My name is Raina, and I’m honoured to be joining this community as a blogger! Ever since I crossed paths with MOGA’s owners (AKA super moms/entrepreneurs extraordinaire), I knew we’d be working together one day. Their welcoming nature and pride in building this mom community was inspiring and contagious, to say the least.

I’ll be checking in monthly to share stories and reflections about motherhood, and I hope you’ll join us in the conversation. I thought it would be fitting to kick things off by talking about community, perhaps the very reason you’re reading this post.

Tribe: Close friends, group of people who are loyal to you and care for you like family.

Tribe. Community. Village. Friends. Whichever word resonates with you, it’s the glue that holds us all together–individually and collectively–in our role as mothers.

From support and friendship, to accountability and assistance, your tribe helps you by lessening the load, both emotionally and physically. And as moms, we definitely need that. Whether it’s someone who listens, or the person who offers advice–or maybe it’s that friend who picks your kids up from soccer because how can I possibly be twenty-five places at once?–your tribe has your back. And you’ll have theirs, too. It’s the unwritten code of the motherhood tribe and we all need to celebrate it.

These are the connections that help us navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. They are your sounding boards, supportive shoulders, and high-fivers. Find these people and embrace them.

Don’t go it alone.

I remember when I first became a mom of two. My husband was away for the night and it’s a toss-up whether sleep deprivation, hormones, or lack of patience got the best of me, but cutting to the chase, it ended with all three of us (me, the toddler, and the newborn) crying. And it wouldn’t be the last time. In this moment your mama tribe is the friend that you call, whether to come over and lend a helping hand, or simply talk you through it. They won’t leave you hanging and they definitely won’t judge you. In a world inundated with perfectionism, we all could use to catch a break now and then– especially when we’ve hardly slept, are juggling multiple demands, and the food or coffee is nearly always cold.

Looking back, this memory seems so silly now. But it certainly wasn’t then. It’s easy to cast judgement on ourselves when we’ve surpassed a season of motherhood, but give yourself some grace and recognize how all-encompassing and ever-changing our roles as mothers are.

Changing seasons.

If you haven’t already experienced it, you’ll soon find out that motherhood has many seasons. From first-time new moms, to moms of toddlers, to moms of many, each season will bring about something new. As you move through the seasons, your tribe might change, too. Sure, some friends might be the life-long gems that last through all of our seasons, while others might be there for just one. Recognize the season of life you are in and find the people that resonate with you now. You’ll need different support systems for different moments in life, and that’s okay.

Finding your tribe.

They might be the moms you meet at the park, fellow mamas in your new baby class, or even that mom who smiled at you at the grocery store. This need not be an exclusive, close-knit, high school clique. Now, your tribe is not defined by sameness, but rather by support. Connection. Empathy. Respect.


Your tribe might be one person, or it might be ten. You may have known them forever, or just met them yesterday. Sometimes it seems easier to keep things to ourselves (or at least for me it does), but let yourself open up, find those people you connect with, and know that they will rally for you. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and comfortable. Because these people are the ones who will get you through.

Find your tribe, love them hard.

Thanks for stopping by,

Raina xx

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