Prenatal Yoga Training Teachers

Our wholistic approach to learning features prenatal yoga expert Hannah Day, Registered Midwife Anne-Marie Cayer, developmental chiropractor, Dr Amanda Stevens and pelvic floor physiotherapist Melissa Dessaulles. This training was put together with the knowledge and experience of supporting mothers prenatally in our specific fields. We hope that you enjoy this training as much as we did creating it for you!


Hannah Day

Hannah’s prenatal yoga classes are the perfect combination of fitness, mind-body-babe connection, and empowerment for a mindful and grounded labour and transition into motherhood. Hannah offers years of experience teaching prenatal yoga, weaving in tips of wisdom so her students can feel energized, stretched, confident, let anxiety go, and fill up their mama cups! Her classes are accessible to all trimesters and levels of yoga. She wrote this training throughout her second pregnancy, with an awareness of how each pregnancy (and baby) is different and unique, and how important our roles as instructors can be to give women a tool to help them power through the marathon (and miracle) of birth – with breathwork, intention, calmness, surrender, strength, community and most importantly, honouring each baby’s space, unique story and journey earth-side.

Registered Midwife

Anne-Marie Cayer

Anne-Marie Cayer is a registered Midwife in Canada. She has been working as a midwife for 10 years and attended somewhere around 2,000 births. She’s worked in Canada and overseas, including Eastern and Western Africa, attending births at home and in hospital. She is a mother to two girls and owns and operates a midwifery practice in British Columbia, Canada. Birth is truly her passion.


Dr Amanda Stevens

Dr Amanda Stevens is a developmental chiropractor based out of British Columbia, Canada. Her entire practice focuses around thriving child development, starting in-utero. She has extensive training in pregnancy and paediatric care, on top of three hard-eared academic degrees. When not working with kiddos and pregnant mamas, she is usually out adventuring in forests, mountains, or lakes with her husband Ben and their three-year-old daughter Sequoia.

BScPT, BScKin, Pelvic Health Cert

Melissa Dessaulles

First and foremost, Melissa is a mother. She has learned extensively about the female body during and after pregnancy, through her own personal experiences. This is what drove her passion for sharing core and pelvic floor information from a physiotherapist point of view. New moms make up a significant percentage of her caseload, where the focus is on learning to connect with the pelvic floor and reminding it how to work as a teammate to the other deep core muscles. This is key for a healthy pregnancy and smooth birth. Melissa frequently blends her techniques with yoga because the breath is a great way to connect with the ever-important core system, and the breath is key for labour and delivery.

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