What type of certificate do I receive?

MOGA teacher training is certified through Yoga Alliance (recognized internationally in the yoga world) as continuing education. If you are registered as a yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, then you will receive a certificate that indicates your continued commitment to education in your field. If you are not registered as a yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance and have not yet completed your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, then you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION without the Yoga Alliance accreditation.

What will it say on the certificate?

Once you have successfully completed the Mom and Baby Yoga training, then you will receive a certificate that recognizes your new expertise. It will recognize you with the following words: Certificate of Completion This certificate signifies that the recipient completed 15 hours of Mom and Baby Yoga training. Which includes: Integrating baby (songs, sounds, movement and yoga postures), sequencing, transitions, core safety, childbirth education, postnatal anatomy, and establishing a student-teacher relationship.

Does this mean I have to watch 15 hours of video instruction online?

The great thing about doing a training online is that all the important information in a yoga teacher training gets condensed into precise videos to maximize your time. The total time of the videos is just under three hours. However, with reading the Mom & Baby Yoga Teacher Training Sequence and Tips, your manual, and preparing for your multiple-choice exam and recording your final 10-minute final exam video, it adds up quickly to 15 hours. It is a very comprehensive training, you will learn a lot. And being able to re-watch videos is an added value in this training.

How long are the videos and what do I learn in the videos exactly?

“Anatomy of the Postnatal Body” with Melissa Dessaulles “Doula Wisdom” with Kris Loewen “How to Hold a Baby” with Kris Loewen “Creating the Complete Mom and Baby Yoga Experience” with Hannah Day “How to Integrate Baby” with Hannah Day “Sequencing: Creating Your Wave” with Hannah Day “Transitions and Poses to Avoid with Baby” with Hannah Day “How to Safely Strengthen the Core From the Inside Out” with Hannah Day A Live Recorded 45-minute Mom and Baby Yoga Class to Observe taught by Hannah Day

Is there a time limit for completing the training?

You have twelve months to complete the Mom and Baby Yoga training once you have purchased the training materials, so you have lots of time to watch the videos at your own pace. The final exam is in two parts: the multiple-choice exam, and the final exam video. Once you take the multiple-choice exam, you must submit your video within two weeks. (More on those below.) Keep in mind you have twelve months to access the videos in this training from your date of purchase. After these twelve months, your access expires. That is why it is a good idea to download the Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training Sequence and Tips as well as the Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training Manual. So you always have them as reference guides.

Once I take the multiple-choice exam, how long do I have to send you my video exam?

From the date you completed your multiple-choice exam, you have two weeks (14 days) to submit your final exam video.

What is the final exam video?

The final exam video is a ten-minute (to twenty-minute) sequence of you teaching Mom and Baby Yoga. You do not need to actually be teaching anyone; you can think of this as a mock lesson. You can simply teach the sequence that we provide you with (condensed into a shorter version of 10- 20 minutes) or create your own sequence. We believe that a lot of learning comes out of recording yourself. The video should include: A welcoming message (as if you were addressing a group of moms) and asking an introduction question. You singing at least one song in your sequence (a nursery rhyme or MOGA’s Namaste song). You making fun sounds or movements that a baby might find interesting. Emphasis on safe transitions and alignment cues. Any safety tips that you think might be useful. For example: In a squat integrating baby, you could say: “Be sure your feet are not too wide apart mamas, so you feel stable while holding your baby at all times.” At least one pose that you get your moms to integrate baby in (Standing Postures with baby or Floor Postures with baby). A nice way of closing your class. A song, oms or MOGA’s Namaste song.

Do I have to be teaching students in my final exam video?

No, it’s just you and your camera. The video will serve as a mock lesson, to give you the opportunity to discover what it would be like to teach a ten-minute (to twenty-minute max) sequence to students—without the pressure of actual students! We encourage you to just turn the camera on, relax, breathe, and show us what you’ve learned! Ten minutes might feel like an eternity. Or ten minutes might go by fast, so if your sequence is nearing twenty-minutes, try to condense it, as twenty-minutes is the max length to submit. That might mean you only teach a few yoga postures, but that is ok. See the above question for content.

How should I send my video submission for the final exam?

You may send your video submission for the final by Dropbox or by Google Drive. To submit via Dropbox, sign in to your Dropbox account (or set up a free account) and send your video to [email protected] . To submit via Google Drive, sign in to your Google Drive (or set up a free account), then upload your video to your Google Drive. Then you may send us ([email protected] ) the link or share it with us. Please give us 48 hours to respond.

How can I contact you if I have any questions about the Teacher Training program?

Email [email protected] with any questions! We’re happy to help. Please give us 48 hours to respond.

If I pass the training, and I am not a 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certified through Yoga Alliance, do I still get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a “Certificate of Completion” but without the stamps of Yoga Alliance.

If I fail the multiple-choice exam and not the video submission part of the exam, do I still pass?

No, you must pass both exams to get your certificate. You get one more try to complete either of the two parts of your final exam to get your certificate.

If I don’t pass the final exams (multiple choice and video submission), is there anything I can do to earn my certificate?

We want to help all our students do their best! If you do not pass, Hannah will provide you with onetime feedback, and you can try one more time free of any other charge. If you are not quite there yet, we are happy for you to re-purchase and re-take the training.

Do you provide the Mom & Baby Yoga Teacher Training Sequence & Tips in a printed form?

As our training is based online, all our files are digital—but you are welcome to print it out at your own cost.

Can I offer a Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training and use your Sequence?

No, all of the materials are created for you as our student, and are not meant to be passed on by you using the same materials as your teacher training program.

Is there a Facebook group for graduates of the MOGA™ Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training?

Yes! Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MOGAMomandBabyYogaAlumni

It is possible to receive a refund after I have purchased the program?

No, we do not offer refunds for purchased programs. We are proud that you have invested in yourself and encourage you to see the training through, and for this reason all sales are final.

Once I’ve done the teacher training, can I call my classes MOGA™ classes?

Yes, after your training you are a certified MOGA™ instructor, teaching MOGA™ classes. This is a trademark and we know you will see the value in the brand power.

So what can I call my classes then, once I’ve done the teacher training?

Once you have done the training, you call the classes: MOGA™ Mom and Baby Yoga or MOGA™ Prenatal Yoga.