Can Yoga Help With Your Fertility? Well, It Can’t Hurt!

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The moment you choose to become a mother, you open the floodgates to expectation. We expect our body to perform a certain way, exactly when we want it to. Just like preparing for a half marathon or going for the job you want, the journey to motherhood takes effort and time. Every woman’s journey is different–it can take a month, or years of trying and heartbreak.

Can yoga help with fertility?

I believe yoga can assist you through many life journeys. It’s a great exercise for the mind, body and soul. Here are some things I have found as a yoga teacher, that have helped mamas on their journeys to motherhood.

Relax & release

Stress is the number one thing to eliminate from your journey to falling pregnant. So, let it go. If that means not telling anyone you’re trying, then don’t. Focus on the positive and don’t hold onto the negative.

Healthy & yummy food

Get a delicious cookbook or find an amazing blog. I love Fraiche Nutrition! It’s loaded with healthy, easy recipes that you can make and get excited about. Also think about cutting down on the caffeine and sugar. Need more support? Find yourself a good nutritionist. They’re amazing with finding out what is holding your body back! Gut health is super important for fertility.

Exercise & open

Yoga is great! Lots of twists will massage your ovaries and get circulation to your lady parts. Also, the second Chakra (Sacral Chakra) includes the pelvis, hips and all organs of reproduction. It’s your centre of creativity. Get a yoga teacher who knows the Chakras to make sure your Sacral Chakra is open.

Rest & rejuvenate

Turn off those screens early. You can read the constant updates of all those acquaintances and celebrities having babies *sigh* in the morning. Get a good book and snuggle with your partner, or your pets. Soak in some love and go to bed early.

Whatever your motherhood journey is–maybe it’s IVF, adoption, surrogacy–there are many different ways to become a parent. Know that your journey, although challenging, is unique to you. Your baby is out there. Invite them into your life and family! Send those positive vibes out into the universe because you never know what will come back.

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