Business Planning for Yoga Teachers

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You fell in love with yoga

  • You completed your teacher training & couldn’t wait to start teaching

  • You start teaching for free AND you LOVE teaching.

  • You want to make this a career – make it alllll that you do. But how? You’re only getting a few classes a week. There’s so many Yoga Teachers in your town. What do you do?

Been there. Done that.

The solution you’re looking for may involve thinking about your business. I know.. AAAAH. But thinking about your yoga teaching as a business is important if you want to have a sustainable career. We know you don’t want to be a business person – you want to do what you do best – holding space for yogis. However, most yoga teacher trainings don’t teach you what to do to make your dream sustainable. How do you go from your teacher training to actually teaching (and making enough to pay the bills)? YOU NEED A PLAN.  It really doesn’t have to be so complicated. A simple business plan can help you LOADS.

On our next FREE FB Live mini training we’re helping yoga teachers learn how to prepare a business plan. We also have a Business Plan template we’ll be giving away for free. 

Not sure if you really need to do a business plan? Well, in short – NO. You don’t need to do anything – you’re a grown a** entrepreneur and what you NEED to do is up to you. Now, that that’s been answered, let’s answer the better question; will a business plan help you succeed? YES.

What’s a business plan anyway?

The main objective of a business plan is to map out the path of where your company is going and how it’s going to get there. It often includes your purpose, vision, mission and overall operations of your brand. Entrepreneurship is a crazy (and rewarding) ride, so it’s important you have a clear path to follow, as its very easy to accidentally get off track.

In the past, you have probably seen business plans that were pages and pages long. It almost felt like the longer the business plan, the more valid the business. This is no longer the truth, and believe us, the shorter the business plan, the more likely you are to use it. So, it really isn’t that challenging. Just keep it simple and put something down.

Ready to dive in and start putting your business plan together? Join our FB live this Friday by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2260755917353720/

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