Benefits of yoga for new moms

Are you a yoga teacher because:

A) You realize the enormous value of how good yoga makes you feel. 
B) You want to share the benefits of yoga with others.

C) You love how yoga makes you strong, healthy and grounds you
D) You love how it connects you to “life source” and helps you wake up to your life 


is it all of the above for you? 

Being a yoga instructor is a special calling. Making a positive influence on someone’s life is incredibly rewarding and yoga teachers get to do that day in and day out. If you find that having this impact on people is important in your life, and brings you joy, then wait until you hear what it’s like teaching new moms.

If there is one student that yoga benefits in all aspects, it is expecting and new moms. 

Here 4 reasons why yoga has extra benefits for the moms in your communities:

1. Moms need to release fear and anxiety

Whether your student planned on getting pregnant or not,...

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