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day_monday day_wednesday Aug 30, 2019

We know you want to teach yoga because you love it. You didn’t start this journey to become rich - and that’s not our goal for you either. But, we would like to see you get paid enough to build a sustainable career. Many teachers aren’t able to continue to live their passion - teaching yoga, simply because they don’t get paid enough to cover their expenses. 

But, know this, with complete certainty - You CAN build a long lasting career teaching. You CAN succeed. You CAN stand out. 

Making money is not the problem - working for free because the general yoga teacher market is oversaturated IS.

So can we help you make your Yoga Teaching career sustainable? YES. And we’ll start with this free online training; 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Income as a Yoga Instructor. 

When you leave the training, you’ll know exactly how to increase your income so you can keep on teaching yoga without a second or third job weighing you down. After...

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