Promote Your Yoga Class With Ease

day_monday day_tuesday Jan 15, 2020

I can remember finishing my yoga teacher training feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to jump right into being a yoga teacher.  I wanted to do it my way, be my own boss and create my own community, but I had ZERO business experience.  So I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship and spent months trying to figure out what worked for me. 

I felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting for one to stick.  I had great ideas, but filling my classes was a CHALLENGE!

Filling your classes doesn’t have to be something you dread, you just have to learn the tools and methods. With the tools and knowledge we provided in our most recent FB Live, you can start to fill your classes and bring abundance into your yoga teaching career.

Here is what we will cover!  The three marketing secrets we want you to remember and the five effective marketing strategies for yoga classes.

So, if you’re a yoga teacher and are ready to:

√ Fill more...

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Most Common Business Mistakes made by Yoga Teachers

day_monday day_tuesday Sep 04, 2019

It is extremely common for yoga instructors to make business makes, after all – you took yoga teacher training not business school. This is why MOGA supports it’s instructors through the business side of things so they can focus on their love for teaching.

Have you made mistakes during your journey in yoga teaching? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. We all have. We all do. But, we recognize them, reflect on them, learn from them and move on.

However, some mistakes are avoidable and this is where we think Yoga Teachers could use some help. Which is why we are hosting a free mini training on FB Live.

We’re going to cover the most common business mistakes made by Yoga Teachers: not having a business plan, lacking a clearly defined identity, not having a marketing budget, failing to keep a mailing list, not cross selling classes and forgetting to ask for reviews.

When you join the FB live, we’re going to give you the exclusive template our MOGA Instructors get to reach out to...

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