Breast Pumps – Which One to B­uy?

At some point in our pregnancies, we start to make a mental list of the things that we will need for the baby; stroller, crib, baby carrier and for many, a breast pump. These large purchases need some (or a lot) of research. I hear you, this can be very overwhelming. You might find yourself asking: what do I REALLY need?  Do I buy a breast pump or not? And if so, which one should I get?

Breast pump =  Freedom.

I definitely recommend investing in a breast pump if you plan on being away from your baby at all in the first year and would like to continue to feed your baby breastmilk. This could be for working purposes, for date nights or just for some time to yourself (for me, I needed one in order to teach Prenatal Yoga in the evening). I love my breast pump for freeing up my schedule. Baby having to always be with you 24/7 can be intense. I love my babies, they are my everything, but sometimes I need a little get-away to appreciate them (and fill up my mama cup). For...

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