What is the Secret to a Good Yoga Sequence?

Are you a new teacher wondering the secret to a good yoga sequence? Or maybe you are stuck in a rut of teaching the same poses? Maybe you are only beginning to learn your potential as an instructor and know there must be more to feel fully immersed and yourself when you teach your students. There is ALWAYS room to improve as a Yoga Teacher.

We all know what it’s like to be in a yoga class that has a good flow. From start to finish there is nothing that you would have changed in the class; each pose flowed beautifully to the next and you could tell your students felt amazing after. It can take years to get the art of sequencing down. I have been to many many classes with master teachers that I think, wow, that sequencing was incredible. Then a day later, I completely forget the sequence. Sound familiar?

Having a good yoga sequence takes...wait for it.... planning a good yoga sequence. TA-DA, I know – revolutionary 😉.

Even many master teachers (instructors who have been teaching yoga for more than 15 years)  plan their sequences. I have seen their notebooks and sketch pads! Even teachers who have been taught by the most famous yoga teachers in the world, like B.K.S. Iyengar, and have taught for over 20 years STILL PLAN THEIR CLASSES. So PLEASE don’t see planning as a reflection of your newness. It is a reflection of your dedication to your offerings.

Now, beyond planning, there are a few other habits I practice to make the most of each class. Whether you are a new, seasoned, or veteran Yoga Teacher, I believe you can use these tips to take your sequencing to it’s full potential! This Friday at 11am PST, we will be going LIVE offering a mini free training on how to improve your sequencing.

If you tune in till the end, we will be giving away a class plan template you can use to plan A+ classes every time.


Hope to see you there!

Namaste friends <3

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