Breast Pumps – Which One to B­uy?

At some point in our pregnancies, we start to make a mental list of the things that we will need for the baby; stroller, crib, baby carrier and for many, a breast pump. These large purchases need some (or a lot) of research. I hear you, this can be very overwhelming. You might find yourself asking: what do I REALLY need?  Do I buy a breast pump or not? And if so, which one should I get?

Breast pump =  Freedom.

I definitely recommend investing in a breast pump if you plan on being away from your baby at all in the first year and would like to continue to feed your baby breastmilk. This could be for working purposes, for date nights or just for some time to yourself (for me, I needed one in order to teach Prenatal Yoga in the evening). I love my breast pump for freeing up my schedule. Baby having to always be with you 24/7 can be intense. I love my babies, they are my everything, but sometimes I need a little get-away to appreciate them (and fill up my mama cup). For example, this fall I am able to go on a business building retreat in Ottawa and not worry about losing my breast milk supply. Not only will bringing my breast pump with me ensure I maintain my supply but with a little foreplaning and pumping, my freezer will be full of pumped breast milk for my daughter while I’m gone.

Point I’m making: Having a breast pump creates a lot of freedom for a mother. Can you think of when you might need one?

This year was the perfect year for me to broaden my knowledge of breast pumps. I was lucky that MOGA® has a partnership with Medela Canada. As MOGA®’s Co-Founder with a baby on the way, Medela sent me the Sonata™ Smart Breast Pump. It arrived at my door-step one week after my second daughter was born.  I already owned the Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump, so now I had two to choose from. For moms who have not heard of Medela, they are the leading brand of breast pump manufactures in the world and for a reason; their pumps are fantastic.

But which one to get? Since I have both (and you only need one), let’s compare the Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump VS. Sonata™ Smart Breast Pump.

Sonata™ Smart Breast Pump

- This breast pump is really smart. It saves your settings AND connects to your phone with the new My Medela® app. Their app is a breast milk feeding resource and has an instant connection to a personalized pumping dashboard. The dashboard allows you to track your pumping sessions and baby’s growth. Stay tuned for another blog post all about the My Medela® app
- MUCH larger than the Freestyle and no belt clip
- Less mobility than the Freestyle but it is still portable, you just have to carry it with you instead of clipping it to you.
- Has more buttons (and therefore more options).
- It is much quieter than the Freestyle

The Sonata is like a bigger fancier and newer car. It is quiet and shiny with intelligence and power.

Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

- Love the size – it can easily fit in one hand
- Being smaller, it’s easier to pack while travelling and lighter than the Sonata
- The belt clip is handy for mobility (I can pop on the hands-free Easy Expression Bustier and BAM – I can walk around the house and get things done while pumping)
-  With is smaller size comes fewer buttons – so less options
- Has a lithium battery, that is rechargeable (same as the Sonata) 3 hours of pumping per charge
- Easy instructions and easy to use frequently (same as the Sonata)
- Memory stores your settings (same as the Sonata) – but doesn’t connect to your phone (not as smart)

Basically, it’s the still great but less fancy, highly functional option.

In conclusion, if I had to choose between the Freestyle and the Sonata, I would have to go with the quieter and smarter option; the Sonata. However, If connecting to an app doesn’t interest you, and you are more about having the freedom of movement while pumping, then the Freestyle may be for you. We hope this guide provides you some helping in making your choice. Either way, with a company like Medela, you can’t go wrong.

When you do make your choice, be sure you also stock up on some of Medela’s accessories. These are my favourite Medela items that I use all the time:
- Calma® nipple
- 150ml bottles with lids (BPA-free)
- black tote bag to carry (and store) everything in

Also handy to have are: 
- Cooler bag with ice pack (great if you pump milk at work and want to bring it home for your baby).
- long lasting lithium ion battery

Best of luck on your breastfeeding journey mamas!

You can follow my breastfeeding adventures and MOGA’s journey of inspiring and connecting moms on Instagram here.

xx Hannah

MOGA® Co-Founder and Director of Teacher Training

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