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day_monday day_tuesday Jan 15, 2020

I can remember finishing my yoga teacher training feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to jump right into being a yoga teacher.  I wanted to do it my way, be my own boss and create my own community, but I had ZERO business experience.  So I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship and spent months trying to figure out what worked for me. 

I felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting for one to stick.  I had great ideas, but filling my classes was a CHALLENGE!

Filling your classes doesn’t have to be something you dread, you just have to learn the tools and methods. With the tools and knowledge we provided in our most recent FB Live, you can start to fill your classes and bring abundance into your yoga teaching career.

Here is what we will cover!  The three marketing secrets we want you to remember and the five effective marketing strategies for yoga classes.

So, if you’re a yoga teacher and are ready to:

√ Fill more...

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Most Common Business Mistakes made by Yoga Teachers

day_monday day_tuesday Sep 04, 2019

It is extremely common for yoga instructors to make business makes, after all – you took yoga teacher training not business school. This is why MOGA supports it’s instructors through the business side of things so they can focus on their love for teaching.

Have you made mistakes during your journey in yoga teaching? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. We all have. We all do. But, we recognize them, reflect on them, learn from them and move on.

However, some mistakes are avoidable and this is where we think Yoga Teachers could use some help. Which is why we are hosting a free mini training on FB Live.

We’re going to cover the most common business mistakes made by Yoga Teachers: not having a business plan, lacking a clearly defined identity, not having a marketing budget, failing to keep a mailing list, not cross selling classes and forgetting to ask for reviews.

When you join the FB live, we’re going to give you the exclusive template our MOGA Instructors get to reach out to...

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You Can Make More Money

day_monday day_wednesday Aug 30, 2019

We know you want to teach yoga because you love it. You didn’t start this journey to become rich - and that’s not our goal for you either. But, we would like to see you get paid enough to build a sustainable career. Many teachers aren’t able to continue to live their passion - teaching yoga, simply because they don’t get paid enough to cover their expenses. 

But, know this, with complete certainty - You CAN build a long lasting career teaching. You CAN succeed. You CAN stand out. 

Making money is not the problem - working for free because the general yoga teacher market is oversaturated IS.

So can we help you make your Yoga Teaching career sustainable? YES. And we’ll start with this free online training; 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Income as a Yoga Instructor. 

When you leave the training, you’ll know exactly how to increase your income so you can keep on teaching yoga without a second or third job weighing you down. After...

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What is the Secret to a Good Yoga Sequence?

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2019

Are you a new teacher wondering the secret to a good yoga sequence? Or maybe you are stuck in a rut of teaching the same poses? Maybe you are only beginning to learn your potential as an instructor and know there must be more to feel fully immersed and yourself when you teach your students. There is ALWAYS room to improve as a Yoga Teacher.

We all know what it’s like to be in a yoga class that has a good flow. From start to finish there is nothing that you would have changed in the class; each pose flowed beautifully to the next and you could tell your students felt amazing after. It can take years to get the art of sequencing down. I have been to many many classes with master teachers that I think, wow, that sequencing was incredible. Then a day later, I completely forget the sequence. Sound familiar?

Having a good yoga sequence takes...wait for it.... planning a good yoga sequence. TA-DA, I know – revolutionary .

Even many master teachers (instructors who have been...

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Breast Pumps – Which One to B­uy?

At some point in our pregnancies, we start to make a mental list of the things that we will need for the baby; stroller, crib, baby carrier and for many, a breast pump. These large purchases need some (or a lot) of research. I hear you, this can be very overwhelming. You might find yourself asking: what do I REALLY need?  Do I buy a breast pump or not? And if so, which one should I get?

Breast pump =  Freedom.

I definitely recommend investing in a breast pump if you plan on being away from your baby at all in the first year and would like to continue to feed your baby breastmilk. This could be for working purposes, for date nights or just for some time to yourself (for me, I needed one in order to teach Prenatal Yoga in the evening). I love my breast pump for freeing up my schedule. Baby having to always be with you 24/7 can be intense. I love my babies, they are my everything, but sometimes I need a little get-away to appreciate them (and fill up my mama cup). For...

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Breastfeeding Essentials

breasfeeding medela new mom Apr 11, 2019

About a month before my second baby was due to arrive, I thought it might be a good idea to get out my nursing clothing and gear from my first baby that I had packed away. Having quick access to your breasts is ESSENTIAL when breastfeeding. All of my tank tops and bras where well loved, a bit loose, but usable. Besides, in the early days of motherhood, it is a lot of just spending time indoors at home and getting to know your baby and learning how to breastfeed.

Yes, I said LEARN. No matter what anyone tells you, breastfeeding is a learned experience (for both you and your baby – it’s new to them too!). I always tell my prenatal yoga students that breastfeeding is like breaking in a pair of Birkenstocks. At first, they give you blisters and hurt your feet, but then they become buttery soft and your favourite pair of sandals. My advice to you is to get a good start to this unique journey. A great way to do this, is buying good breastfeeding gear.

It’s important to...

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