FAQs - Do you need to be an RPYT to teach prenatal yoga?

Do you need to be an RPYT to teach pre and postnatal yoga is probably the most common question we get from aspiring prenatal and mom and baby yoga teachers.

I’m going to give you the short answer but of course, there’s more that could be said on the pros and cons!

But before we get there - for anyone wondering what the heck I'm even talking about, let's start at the beginning...

What is an RPYT

A RPYT is a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Yoga Teachers can register as an RPYT if they have successfully completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training, an 85-hour prenatal yoga training (that that are both registered with Yoga Alliance), and have submitted 30 teaching hours in prenatal yoga.

Who is Yoga Alliance (YA)?

Yoga Alliance®️ is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Yoga Alliance is a standard accepted by the yoga community around the world, which fosters accountability and continuous improvement for yoga teacher trainings. 

While we ...

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Should I add online yoga classes to my business?

If you're currently a yoga teacher or own a yoga studio you may be asking yourself "should I add an online component to my program?" and I can assure you that you're not alone. Whether Covid-19 brought it to the forefront or it's something you have considered for much longer, this week's blog post and our replay of last week's live training is definitely one you don't want to miss. We're going over the pros, cons, and how to get started. 

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga Online

  • It helps build your audience and your email list. 
    • Live classes see the most success since there isn't as much competition with live classes. When you have your students sign-up for these classes you're able to capture their emails and build that relationship with them regularly through their inbox. 
  • It gives you a chance to learn something new.
    • This may seem scary right now but being able to adapt and serve your students whether they're in your studio or at home is only...
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Finding out I was pregnant was nothing like I thought it would be

What caught me by surprise the most about finding out (and pregnancy in general), was minding the gap between reality vs expectations, right from the very beginning.

Since I can remember I’ve had a yearning to be a mother and to have a family of my own. Although becoming a mother is something I’ve always been sure that I wanted, finding out and navigating the reality was far more challenging (and wildly different) than I ever imagined.

As someone who has written about personal experiences for 7+ years online, I thought I would continue to share just the same throughout my pregnancy. Yet, the reality is that I have written countless partly finished blog posts on my experiences during pregnancy. When it came time for final edits and hitting publish, I paused and changed my mind. While I was in the thick of it, it simply didn’t feel right to share what I was going through in any context other than face to face, with the people that I’m closest with. 


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How to stand out in an oversaturated market; 3 ways you can be different than every other yoga teacher

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

We see this all the time...

Brand new yoga teachers complete their 200 hours and are itching to begin leading their own classes.. only to end up either not charging what they're worth, working for free for way too long, or spinning their wheels in 100 different directions.

Sound familiar? 

That's why one of the key components to our training programs is helping you not only become an exceptional yoga teacher but to stand out even in a crowd of exceptional yoga teachers.

We recently did a Facebook Live mini-training on 3 easy ways you can start standing out as a yoga teacher in your community TODAY and we had so many people message us because they related to the struggle of standing out. 

So, ICYMI here's what we covered:

1. Niche down

Training in a niche is the #1 way to stand out in your market. It allows you to become an expert within that niche and become known for that niche. Instead of being one of many, you become one of a couple or a...

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Natural Remedies for Labor and Delivery Preparation

Along with attending prenatal classes, staying active, learning relaxation techniques, and reading up on birth preparation/what to expect, there are a few other things that can be included in an expecting mamas toolbox in regard to preparing for labor and delivery. 

My three personal favorites have been botanical medicine, acupuncture, and prenatal chiropractic care.

  1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

    Botanical medicine (aka plants), is a safe and effective method to help the body get ready for labor and delivery.

    There are certain plants that are classified as partus preparators, which are used in the final weeks of pregnancy to help the body prepare for labor and delivery. These types of plants help through improving uterine tone, increasing the effectiveness of contractions, reducing after pains, and help in speeding recovery after birth. 

Rubus ideaus, commonly known as red raspberry leaf, helps strengthen and tone the uterus, as well as may shorten labor time. Although there...

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Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy can be such a beautiful, wonderful, and transitional time in life. Yet, what is less talked about is how challenging it can be emotionally, mentally, and physically, too.

Many people have heard of the most classic pregnancy symptom (aka morning sickness). From first-hand experience, I can attest that the term morning sickness may be the biggest misnomer I’ve ever heard. 

I experienced nausea 24/7 and kept down only about half my meals at the beginning. I developed an aversion to water, struggled with insomnia, and experienced aches and pains all over. Just like many other expecting mamas, the first trimester was the most challenging for me. As a first time expecting mama, I can tell you I did not know about all of the other symptoms that come along with pregnancy. And I definitely did not know about the degree of severity they can be experienced, until I went through it myself.

I quickly came to learn that other very common pregnancy symptoms include headaches,...

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Promote Your Yoga Class With Ease

day_monday day_tuesday Jan 15, 2020

I can remember finishing my yoga teacher training feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to jump right into being a yoga teacher.  I wanted to do it my way, be my own boss and create my own community, but I had ZERO business experience.  So I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship and spent months trying to figure out what worked for me. 

I felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting for one to stick.  I had great ideas, but filling my classes was a CHALLENGE!

Filling your classes doesn’t have to be something you dread, you just have to learn the tools and methods. With the tools and knowledge we provided in our most recent FB Live, you can start to fill your classes and bring abundance into your yoga teaching career.

Here is what we will cover!  The three marketing secrets we want you to remember and the five effective marketing strategies for yoga classes.

So, if you’re a yoga teacher and are ready to:

√ Fill more...

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Most Common Business Mistakes made by Yoga Teachers

day_monday day_tuesday Sep 04, 2019

It is extremely common for yoga instructors to make business makes, after all – you took yoga teacher training not business school. This is why MOGA supports it’s instructors through the business side of things so they can focus on their love for teaching.

Have you made mistakes during your journey in yoga teaching? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. We all have. We all do. But, we recognize them, reflect on them, learn from them and move on.

However, some mistakes are avoidable and this is where we think Yoga Teachers could use some help. Which is why we are hosting a free mini training on FB Live.

We’re going to cover the most common business mistakes made by Yoga Teachers: not having a business plan, lacking a clearly defined identity, not having a marketing budget, failing to keep a mailing list, not cross selling classes and forgetting to ask for reviews.

When you join the FB live, we’re going to give you the exclusive template our MOGA Instructors get to reach out to...

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You Can Make More Money

day_monday day_wednesday Aug 30, 2019

We know you want to teach yoga because you love it. You didn’t start this journey to become rich - and that’s not our goal for you either. But, we would like to see you get paid enough to build a sustainable career. Many teachers aren’t able to continue to live their passion - teaching yoga, simply because they don’t get paid enough to cover their expenses. 

But, know this, with complete certainty - You CAN build a long lasting career teaching. You CAN succeed. You CAN stand out. 

Making money is not the problem - working for free because the general yoga teacher market is oversaturated IS.

So can we help you make your Yoga Teaching career sustainable? YES. And we’ll start with this free online training; 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Income as a Yoga Instructor. 

When you leave the training, you’ll know exactly how to increase your income so you can keep on teaching yoga without a second or third job weighing you down. After...

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What is the Secret to a Good Yoga Sequence?

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2019

Are you a new teacher wondering the secret to a good yoga sequence? Or maybe you are stuck in a rut of teaching the same poses? Maybe you are only beginning to learn your potential as an instructor and know there must be more to feel fully immersed and yourself when you teach your students. There is ALWAYS room to improve as a Yoga Teacher.

We all know what it’s like to be in a yoga class that has a good flow. From start to finish there is nothing that you would have changed in the class; each pose flowed beautifully to the next and you could tell your students felt amazing after. It can take years to get the art of sequencing down. I have been to many many classes with master teachers that I think, wow, that sequencing was incredible. Then a day later, I completely forget the sequence. Sound familiar?

Having a good yoga sequence takes...wait for it.... planning a good yoga sequence. TA-DA, I know – revolutionary .

Even many master teachers (instructors who have been...

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