Being a Mom Is So Hard

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The reality of motherhood.

“Being a mom is so hard!”

There, I said it out loud. Being a mom is hard. There is so much pressure in society for women not only to become moms, but then thrive. When is the last time you met a mom and she told you she didn’t like being a mom? We talk about our strollers, the cute outfits, but what about the reality of motherhood?

I had always been a corporate executive. I was able to dominate a board room, make fast decisions, and felt strong. Motherhood knocked me off my feet. How come I can be a powerhouse in the boardroom and feel so powerless as a mother.

Who am I, again?

What is wrong with me? I started to question my value as a woman–I was led to believe that being a mother was natural and this was easy. I struggled with my new body, the lack of sleep, the CONSTANT feeling of being needed. I remember wondering if this ever gets easier and if I will find myself again. MYSELF again. Me. Amy. My identity.

It’s time to tell the truth.

Mama, going through this – I am talking to you. It DOES end. It DOES get easier and NO, you are not failing. I wish that I could stand on top of the word’s tallest building and scream – “motherhood is hard.” Or an even bigger wish is that we would all stop trying to be perfect and secretly hiding in pain. It’s like we all stand in a room fake smiling, saying everything is great, but we are all dying inside. Why do we do this?

You will find a better you.

Mama, you will find you again. In fact, you’ll find a better you–more patient, more kind and loving. A you that you find crying and have no idea why. I look at everything differently now as a mom. The leaves look brighter, the sky is bluer, and his smile… stops time in its tracks.

One day you will wake up and realize that you did it, you made it, and you will. Until then, reach out to a mom and tell her she is doing a great job. Reach out to another mom and tell her how you are really feeling – I think you will be surprised the change we can make in the world just by talking.

You got this mama.

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