Babywearing is Awesome: Here’s the Evidence

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Many MOGA Moms are already intimately aware of the awesomeness of babywearing. But if you have yet to try it or are still unsure whether to splash out on a sling, let’s look at some of the benefits and the evidence behind them.

Three types of evidence

Babywearing is backed up by:

  1. Cultural wisdom: Worldwide, almost universally, human societies have carried their young, and have done so forever, as in, since before we were even called “humans”.

  2. Anecdotal evidence: Any parent who practices babywearing will tell you, it’s super-convenient and the physical and emotional closeness it creates “feels right” on a very deep level.

  3. Scientific evidence: There are very many studies that reveal profound biological advantages for both parent and infant. You may be least familiar with this group of evidence, so let’s dive in and take a closer look at the science.

There has been a lot of research into babywearing and closely related fields of child development. Combined, the findings make a very strong case for carrying your tot. Below is a handy infographic detailing 23 of these studies (originally published here):

Convinced? Ready to become a babywearing mama?

A few resources to get you going

  • If you want to hear a little more about it from a trusted voice, then Dr Sears explains about attachment and carrying your baby. Ergo (the most popular sling makers) also do a fine job of outlining the benefits.

  • If you are worried about health and safety, then here’s a very respected myth busting article. Also, a fantastic YouTube resource on how to properly use carriers and slings is the South East Slings channel.

  • Finally, if you want to know which sling is for you, then this round up by We The Parents is a good place to start.

We hope you find this all useful. Happy slingin’, mamas!

– Neve Spicer
Founder & Director

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