Are You Hustling For Your Priorities, Mama?

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Balancing it all: It’s a mirage.

I am often asked how I balance it all and truthfully, I don’t. Honestly, I don’t believe you can balance it all. Everyday is a game of give and take. Everyone has 24 hours in a day; no one is given extra time. It’s a matter of how you chose to spend your time.

If you want the perfect family life, healthy prepared meals, killing it in your business, a perfect body, and a relationship with your child– then you can head over to Instagram. You’ll see the perfect ‘smoke and mirror’ Instagram accounts. Mamas, this is NOT real life. I’m telling you with certainty, no one has it all together (unless they’re millionaires).

What are your priorities?

In my life, you see me killing it in business and being super mom to Landon because those are my two priorities. I protect those two priorities like gold. If a task takes me away from Landon and it doesn’t feel right, I simply say “no”. It’s a powerful word–when is the last time you used it? In order to maximize my time with Landon, I bring him to meetings, on business trips and ensure that he always feels included in the business. In fact, he proudly tells people he works at MOGA Yoga with a huge smile on his face.

My life, my way.

My son will grow up to understand hard work and determination. With that, I make sacrifices and so does he. I don’t cook meals and we live on snack plates (which is every toddlers dream). I keep a clean house, but it is not my number one priority. I don’t have a social life because any social time is spend doing what my little boy wants to do for fun–and I love it. I don’t watch TV, I don’t have down time that isn’t at a local playground, I am not a wife by choice, and I honestly don’t sweat the small stuff. My son is my best friend. No matter what mom-shamers have to say about that, I think my life is absolutely perfect for me.

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