Mom Life Is Hard

Mom’s need a place where they are seen, heard and valued. MOGA™ is that place. Through courses, community and retreats, we teach others how to become that place for moms in their own communities.

The magic behind MOGA™

MOGA™ isn’t just fueled on caffeine and chocolate (like mothers); Amy, Hannah and Julie have a special kind of magic when they are together. They’re the foundation MOGA™ is built on.



As a new (single) mom, I felt isolated and alone. I desperately needed to find my mama tribe. Unfortunately, in my community, there was no established mom group based on the values I was looking for, so I created it. I started MOGA™ by teaching mom & baby yoga completely by donation for the charity, Mamas for Mamas. My dream of establishing a mom space focused on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of moms has come true. I am so proud to see that MOGA™ is now supporting moms around the world. We are about normalizing, validating and understanding mothers. At MOGA™, we get you.

Welcome to our MOGA™ family. I am so glad we found you.



Supporting women in a full circle of motherhood fuels my soul. I am honored to teach mamas around the world during this intense, yet beautiful time in our lives. I am even more humbled to be teaching others the art of supporting new mothers. We are all connected, through birth, the hard days, the brilliant days, first steps, first colds, lost teeth, the list goes on. Yoga, breathing and compassion are the best tools I can give anyone to help in the mothering journey.



Did you realize how hard motherhood would be? I certainly didn’t. I expected the good times and the overwhelming love but way underestimated the hard times, loneliness, the weight on my shoulders.

MOGA™, sees the good, the hard, and gets them both. That is why I knew I needed to part of this community. I came to realize that I could have a much bigger impact by teaching those who work with thousands of moms; birth workers, yoga teachers and other professionals. Here I am; full of passion, knowledge and fire to make an impact on mothers around the world.

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