Quite simply, MOGA® classes are where moms go for yoga and community AND the place Yoga Teachers learn to build a sustainable yoga teaching career. 

Success is easy and possible for all Yoga Instructors when they join MOGA®. With the combination of yoga education, business training and the power of a brand behind you, you CAN have a career you love. 

We see a clear path for Yoga Teachers to be successful while making a HUGE impact on the lives of mothers. Yoga teachers living their purpose + Moms feeling supported, validated & heard = WIN WIN WIN.

That’s MOGA®.



 ðŸ‘‰ Our trainings include not just how to lead mothers in yoga practice but how to support them through the emotional and physical toll becoming a mother can take on a woman.

👉 This makes MOGA® classes the go to safe and non-judgemental community for mothers.


👉 You don’t just get an accredited teacher training, you get everything you need to build a sustainable career doing what you love. 

👉 Your training includes EVERYTHNG you need to start teaching prenatal & mom and baby classes as soon as you want (next week? FINE!)

👉 Training is completely online and at your own pace (hello no pants party!)


👉 Feel supported by experienced teachers every step of the way 

👉 Get on going support to ensure you meet your goals even AFTER you finish our instructor program

👉 A brand will be promoting YOUR classes

You're Awesome! Let's Keep Getting To Know Each Other

Yoga Teachers are invaluable resources to new moms. But some of the best ones often can't make a sustainable career because they're underpaid or undervalued. BUT YOU CAN SUCCEED while living your dream. We KNOW you can. Keep in touch with us to learn how.


Grab your free prenatal yoga sequence and keep in the MOGA® loop.

Are you ready?

✔️ Do you want a longer lasting and deeper relationship with your students?

✔️ Do you want to stop teaching classes for only $25/hour?

✔️ Do you want to be given EVERYTHING you need so you can just teach? 

✔️ Do you want to stop hustling just to fill only half a class? 

✔️ Do you want a brand and team behind you that will help you succeed?

When you become a MOGA® Instructor, you will receive everything needed to build a successful pre- & postnatal Yoga Teaching business (including our support every step of the way).

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