A Mom Connection Through Yoga And Inspiration

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One of the best solutions to the isolation often experienced in motherhood is finding a mama community. It was from this place that I created MOGA.

I met Hannah when MOGA was operating out of a small martial arts studio. It was me, my mats, my passion and hoping I would get one mom to class that day.

One day, out of the blue, this inspirational women, (32 weeks pregnant) reached out. Her name was Hannah and it turns out she was the best thing to happen to me. My favourite memory was us sitting in a class together, where again, no one showed up. She could tell I was down, so she suggested we grab brochures and go FIND moms. Little does she know, she was the fuel I needed to keep going on this crazy ride.

Today, we have our own space, classes are in demand and I am finally achieving my goal of inspiring women. Hannah and I are moving onto our next chapter – moving online. Now we can bring MOGA to women around the world. Honestly, Hannah often says I inspire women, little does she know – she is my inspiration and I wouldn’t be on this journey with anyone else.

– Amy

Moving from Toronto with a population of over two million, to the beautiful city of Kelowna, I went from busy bee mama, to slowing down in a town where no one knew my name as a yoga instructor. I was also 32 weeks pregnant and wanted to find a yoga studio fast, where I could offer my specialty – prenatal and postnatal yoga. I researched Mom and Baby offerings in Kelowna and found MOGA, where I immediately began to teach.

I taught yoga at MOGA right up to giving birth and returned to the mat to teach mamas after giving myself lots of time to soak in all the newborn sweetness of my daughter. I love how Amy was so supportive of me teaching right away with my big belly and personality. She also gave me the time to settle into motherhood, and only return to teach when I was ready. She is one of the hardest working, and non-stop mamas that I know (I am pretty zen and relaxed most of the time). We are a good team, I am her yin, she is my yang (and a lot of people’s yang I think). We hope you like what we created together to help you feel more confident and balanced. MOGA is our passion.

– Hannah

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