6 Must-Have Baby Items For A Newborn

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There are so many products out there for babies. When you’re expecting, you tend to feel like you need it all! It can feel totally overwhelming. With my first daughter, I bought so much stuff that I thought I needed. Turns out, I didn’t and I ended up with things I never used. This time, I decided to only buy what would be necessary. These are my top six must-have baby items that I used everyday. They all made my life easier as a mother with a newborn.

1. A baby wrap.

Babies want to be held all the time. It’s heartwarming but it’s also overwhelming. Especially if you have another child demanding your attention. Go hands free and put them in a wrap! Your baby will get to snuggle you, while you get to cross things off your to-do-list. It’s a win-win! Plus, having them snooze against your chest is an amazing bonding experience. My favourite wraps are the Solly Baby wraps.

2. A bassinet.

Having a bassinet is a safe way to have your baby sleep next to you. An awesome one is the Baby Bjorn bassinet.

3. A stroller and car seat combo.

Having a travel system is essential. Remember, you won’t be able to put your baby in an upright stroller until they’re older. So, you need to have one that will work with your car seat. This is so helpful for transferring your baby from car to stroller while they’re sleeping. My favourite travel system is the Nuna system because it is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. Another great one is the Britax travel system.

4. A swing.

Babies like to be moving all the time. Having a swing is a great way to keep them distracted and happy so you can put them down for a moment. We have a simple one by Fisher Price and my daughter loves it.

5. Onesies and swaddles.

Is there anything better than teeny tiny clothes?! You’re going to need several onesies and swaddles for your new little babe. The best brands for super softs onesies are: Kickee Pants, Goumikids (their gowns are a game changer), Mori, L’oved Baby, and Nature Baby. For swaddles, I recommend the Love to Dream one!

6. A diaper bag.

You’re going to find that all of a sudden you have a TON of stuff to carry around. You’re going to need a baby bag to hold and organize it all. I have been through a lot of diaper bags and my top two favourites are the Boxy Diaper Bag Backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom and the Original Fawn Design bag by Fawn Design. Both can be used as either a cross body bag or backpack which is so handy.

Christina Loewen is a mother to Scarlett and Georgia. Follow her on Instagram @christinaloewen for beautiful moments of motherhood.

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