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We believe that every mom deserves a community.

Being a mother is a beautiful, intense and emotional roller coaster. It can often feel isolating and overwhelming. MOGA has become a home away from home, a place to connect and share with other moms. Through our community, we connect moms and support the cultivation of meaningful friendships that are mentally and emotionally fulfilling. MOGA means community and bonding; with yourself, with your child, and with your motherhood village.

Our vision is to create the largest, non-judgemental and inclusive, mom community in the world. 

MOGA Online

It’s important for mamas to take a moment each day to connect with themselves, through breath and movement, finding a new sense of balance. MOGA Moms Online is about balance into your life, while bonding with baby.

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So grateful that MOGA exists! It is actually possible to bring yoga back into my life now with my littles in tow!

Ruthy Penner, Founder of Nooks Design

Teacher Training

Does the idea of teaching a room full of screaming babies scare you? Moms, diapers, feeding, car seats, spit up, we promise it is actually fun! MOGA, along with a doula and pelvic floor physiotherapist, will guide you through this journey.  This 100% online, Yoga Alliance-accredited teacher training program allows you to share this offering in your mom community.

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MOGA is the village that helps raise mothers. At MOGA, we uplift one another and support each other as we embark on our own unique journeys and experiences in motherhood. Come meet new moms and bond with your baby in your local community.

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